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Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

This sandwich is kind of a take on a traditional polish chicken cutlet sandwich.

I took the basic panko bread crumbs, mixed them with chopped fresh rosmarin, grated gruyere cheese, salt and peppers. prepeing the chicken in the regular way of cleaning the cutlets, flatting them, dipping in flour, eggs, and the bread crumb mixture. then sauteing for 2-3 min on each side in a buttered skillet over high heat, and letting them dry on a paper towel while prepping the next round. this would result with very fresh and tasty chicken cutlets, that would go well on any future combination if its a sandwich or a combined dish, or even just simple rice.

To combing the sandwich I used polish rye bread for the base adding the first layer rather then mustered an Indian addition of Patak’s Mixed relish this would build the base layer of hot crunch for the sandwich, on top of that I layered the chicken cutlets, added a thin slice of brie and very thin slice of smoked Morski polish cheese, a thin slices of baby radishes on top of the cheese and a thin slices of polish sausage on top.

I serve this sandwich with some extra pickles and a slice of baby radish on the side.


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